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Keep more of your hard-earned money in your wallet by installing energy efficient storm windows. Not only are storm windows less expensive to install than replacement windows, they can also help you save up to 10% on your monthly heating and cooling costs by creating a thermal break between windows that reduces air movement.

You could save $26 per year, per window* for each storm window you add to your home and for a home with 15 storm windows, that can mean an energy savings of $390 per year. At that rate of return, the energy savings of a storm window will pay for itself in just 3.8 years compared to a payback time of over 30 years for double-pane thermal replacement windows.


Source: Keith Haberern P.E., R.A., Collingswood Historic District Commission in Old House Journal, Oct. 2007

Based on average 2008 industry pricing: $50 for a storm window, $450 for a double-pane thermal replacement window and $550 for low-e glass double-pane thermal replacement.

Storm windows make you feel more comfortable in your home, they help you lower your energy usage and you’ll be helping to keep the environment healthier—that’s a great return on investment.

*Source: Dept of Energy:Energy Savings based on adding a storm window to a single-pane clear glass prime window calculated with average price of electricity from cities nationwide. Actual energy savings may vary.

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Yes. The thermal barrier created with storm windows works to insulate against heat in the summer and cold in the winter.


If you have a broken window, you’ll need to replace it; however, if you simply have problems with drafty windows, the addition of storm windows is a cost-effective alternative to replacement windows. Storm windows add instant comfort and energy savings by trapping dead air between the outside of your home and your existing window. This air-filled space is a great insulator that will save you money on heating and cooling expenses. Storm windows cost a fraction of the cost of total window replacements, plus storm windows don’t require professional installation.


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